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The majority of small companies have not gained the initiative to use the medium of the "World Wide Web" to promote their business. By using available software it is possible to turn the simple web site into a powerful marketing tool.

It is not enough to just have a web site any more. The secret is to prevent the site being visited only once by a potential customer and then forgotten about. The web site should be regularly upgraded with updated information content, be interactive with the site's users and provide the owner of the web site with a growing database of potential customers for regular newsletters.

NetGreen ASP is offering a standard web site package that provides a basic web site (without moving and jumping images) including different integrated marketing software applications. One important feature is to offer a web site that allows the content to be changed without knowing any web programming, just by the knowledge of how to use a keyboard!! 

This Interactive Web Site ( see example web Site ) enables the personnel of the small company to upgrade their site easily themselves without having to use the expensive and time consuming option of a web designer. Another feature is the option of creating an on-line Office Intranet providing additional company administration tools.

The Interactive Web Site Standard package consists of:

  • Front (Home) page. Developed from a template (see selection of 79 templates) with a simple format about the Company and what it does. This can include photographs. This page will be web programmed to provide individuality and links to other pages in the interactive section of the web site. This page will be designed to not require changing on a regular basis. This page will be the only one that the site owner cannot change without out some knowledge of some HTML programming skills. If a future upgrade is required our services are available.

    The Page will include: Template design, link buttons to other pages, your data information (text and photographs), a counter of users, 24 hour local time clock and a box to allow users to enter their E-mail information and subscribe to the Newsletters.


  • The Interactive web site section. This will be initially set up by ourselves from the information you provided from our form questionnaire. This should help you to learn quickly how to change the content on the site. The FAQ section in the interactive part of the example web site is provided also with a forum to provide ( see example web site) ongoing support. The Interactive part of the web site is completely flexible to allow as many web pages as you want, even allowing the administrator to setup permissions for other trusted users to insert information.

The Interactive web site section includes: Your Logo and Web Site Name heading, Password & User Name security, a secure administrator area, 13 different format themes (different colours & web site formats), a event calendar, form generator, photo album, document filing system, FAQ interface compiler, Forum & Bulletin tables and a secure section of the web site to enable an office Intranet.


  • Marketing Tools included. This package will be set up to work with your web site. One of the most important strategies concerning the use of a web site for promotion is to ensure the return of users to your site on a regular basis. Publishing Newsletters on a regular basis to a list of e-mail addresses ensures this and also develops an image of stability to your potential clientele. All that is required is the compilation of the newsletter followed by the pressing of a few buttons to start the automatic procedure for send it to all the e-mail addresses in the database. E-mail address database management is automatic for inclusion from the front page "Newsletter Subscription box" as well as exclusion if an e-mailed newsletter is continuously bounced for than 5 times. Try out our identical Newsletter Subscription system.


  • Free Inclusion in a Portal of European Companies involved in the sector of Construction. To be started during 2005. 

All for the value of 75 !!!!!!

Simply fill out the Form on the Contact Page and pay only when the work is complete and your Web Site is on-line.

Note: A certain amount of knowledge how to use the software can be gained from the FAQ & Forum sections in the Interactive part of the Example Web Site. If a short training course is required after the installation, to ensure the  full advantage of using the included software, this can be arranged.

If you are interested in this package and you need to buy a Domain name first (, .com, .net, .info) see information about prices and available names



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